What is Off Page SEO and How to Do it? Ultimate Guide

What is Off Page SEO and How to Do it Ultimate Guide

If you write any blog, then you must have heard or read about what is Off Page SEO. To come to the top of the search engine result page, you need to have knowledge of SEO. Because only then any post comes to the top of search engines. When SEO is done well in it.

From then till now, big bloggers and companies have been working day and night to see how well they can do SEO on their website or blog. So that he can reach the maximum audience, which will bring more traffic to his blog. People can know about their website or blog so that their growth can increase.

The definition of SEO has also changed with time. Now the meaning of SEO is not limited only to Keywords, Content, and Backlink. Now more technical practices are being used in SEO.

If we understand SEO in simple language then there are two types of them. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In this post I am going to tell you A2Z Step by Step about Off Page SEO Kya Hai, so without wasting much time let’s go straight to our topic.

What is Off-Page SEO

After publishing the blog post, whatever work we do to make our post appear on the top page of the search engine. It is called Off Page SEO.

If you understand it in simple language, then after publishing your post, you create a backlink for it on a social media platform or do anything else. He comes under it.

From this, you must have understood that its main objective is to promote your blog. Because it is not done on the blog page but outside it.

By doing this your Domain Authority increases. And your blog remains trusted in the eyes of Google. Which helps Google to rank your blog. Its biggest and most important factor is the number and quality of backlinks. It points to your website.

Why is Off-Page SEO important?

To build the reputation of your website, you need to pay attention to Off Page SEO. A high reputation improves the ranking of the website. Because search engines consider them to have more Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT).

The best way to show EAT is through off-page SEO, Factors like Backlinks, Reviews, and Recommendations.

This simply means that Off Page SEO is not only important but it plays a major role in the ability of your website to rank.

How to do it from off-page

Till now you know what is Off Page SEO? Now I am going to tell you how to do Off Page SEO? Here I am going to tell you the 12 best blogging tips. If you do it properly, the ranking of your blog will improve and will also bring your blog to the top of the search engines. So let us know about themā€¦

1. Create Backlink

Backlink alone is enough to rank any blog. If you backlink your blog well, your blog can quickly come to the top of the search engines.

Backlink means. Creating a link to your blog on another blog. This increases the authority of your domain because the backlink passes Link Juice. Due to this Google’s trust in your blog increases. If you do not know what is Backlink? So definitely read this article. While creating a backlink, use Anchor Text related to the focus keyword only then your backlink will work well.

2. Share on Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, social media has become very powerful in terms of promotion. Through this, you can reach your blog to many people in a very short time. Social media networks are sometimes also called ā€œOnline Reputation Managementā€ because here anyone can go viral very fast.

By sharing on social media, you get a backlink for your blog because whichever social media platform you share your post on, will definitely create a link of its own.

So you will have to create a page of your blog on these social media platforms and share your posts on them regularly. For this, you can create an account on these social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Quora

3. Search Engine Submission

Well, there are all the search engines in the world. They find your blog. But it takes a lot of time. If you want to rank your blog quickly. So you have to do a Search Engine Submission.

For this, you can use Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tool, Yahoo, etc. By submitting your blog to these search engines, your blog post starts getting indexed quickly and appears on the search engine result page.

4. Creating a link in the Forum Website

There are many such forum websites on the internet. Where questions are answered. You just have to find the forum website according to your niche. You have to find such a forum website.

On which a lot of people remain active. And answer questions. Along with the answers, you can post the link to your blog post on these forum websites, for this, you can use Quora and Google Question Hub.

5. Commenting on Blog Posts

You will have to comment on the posts of some other blogs according to your niche. You can add the link to your blog post in this comment.

This will mean that search engines will crawl these links. Which will help in increasing the rank of your blog.

6. Guest Posting

Whenever you write a post related to your blog’s niche for another blog, that post is called Guest Post. The only purpose of writing this post is that you can add links to your blog in it. Due to this, you get a very high-quality Do-Follow-Backlink.

To write a guest post, you will have to contact the owner of that blog and tell them that there is no post related to the keyword (What is Off Page SEO) on your blog.

We want to write a guest post on this topic on your blog. If he agrees with you, you can write a guest post for his blog.

And you can add a link to it. Along with backlinks, you can also get good traffic for your blog in guest posts.

Let me tell you one thing guest post is not free for all blogs, many such websites charge a lot of money for guest posts.

7. Video Submission

Since the arrival of Jio in the country, people prefer watching more than reading because now data is available in large quantities. At the same time, it is better to see any topic than to read it.

Here you have to do that whatever topic you write the block on, you will also have to create a YouTube channel related to it. Whenever you make a blog post public. Make a video on the same blog post. Upload it on your YouTube channel.

While uploading a video on YouTube, add the link to your blog post in its description. The amount of traffic that will come to your video. If half of that traffic starts coming to your blog. So both your channel and blog will grow very quickly.

Below I have mentioned the names of some such websites. Apart from YouTube, you can also do video submissions. And you can bring a good amount of traffic to your blog.

8. Push Notification

Whenever you go to a blog, a popup appears from top to bottom on your screen. In which it is written Allow or Not Allow. This is called Push Notification.

If you allow it, as soon as a new post appears on that blog. You get his notification.

Now if you add Push Notification to your blog, then you can get instant traffic. After this, as soon as you post a post on your blog, its notification will reach your users. This is a powerful medium to increase blog traffic.

9. Link Baiting

If you write a very unique article on your blog, then bloggers add its link in their blog posts. This gives you a good amount of traffic. Link baiting is another way to promote a blog. This makes your blog famous and also visible to people. So always try to write a unique post.

10. Content Syndication

When you republish your content on one or more websites. Then it is called Content Syndication.

Some publications prefer to syndicate content because it is easier than creating fresh content all the time. And this is very good for you because you want to reach your website to new users.

Below are some popular content syndications.

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Business 2 Community

11. Create Google Business Profile (GBP)

Google Business Profile is a free business listing tool from Google that helps you influence how your blog/business will appear in Google.

And because this happens outside of your website, optimizing your Google Business Profile is an important off-page SEO strategy.

In fact, it is an important local SEO ranking factor. And it can increase the visibility of your website at high-value positions on Google’s search engine results page.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

There are many benefits to doing this. But here I am telling you about some important benefits. Which is very important for you to know.

  • It improves the search engine ranking of your blog.
  • Your blog gets good traffic.
  • This proves to be an effective weapon to bring instant traffic.
  • This increases the authority of your domain.
  • Indexes your post quickly in search engines.


In this post, I have tried to explain to you thoroughly what is Off Page SEO. If you follow these 10 steps mentioned by me, then you can rank your blog well on Google.

If you have understood anything from this post, then you must share it with your friends on social media. If you have any questions related to Off Page SEO Kya Hai, you can ask us by commenting. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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