What is Landing Page and How to Create it?

What is Landing Page and How to Create it

What is a Landing Page: If you do Blogging or Digital Marketing, then you must have heard about Landing Pages at some point in time if you have not heard about Landing Pages yet, then do not worry at all because, in today’s article, we are going to talk in detail about Landing Page.

Landing Page Design Technique is a technique with the help of which you can easily convert Casual Visitors into Qualified Leads. Landing pages act as a bridge between a business and the customer. These pages are not like any ordinary webpage but are important for Lead Generation and Lead Conversion. To get detailed information about the Landing Page, you must read this article till the end:

In today’s article, we will tell you what a is Landing Page? How to create a Landing Page? What are the benefits of a Landing Page? What is the difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page? What is the difference between a Website and a Landing Page? etc. will be explained in detail.

So without wasting much time, let us go straight to our article and try to know about the Landing Page in detail.

What is a Landing Page

If we understand a Landing Page in simple language then it is such a webpage. On which visitors land. Because organic traffic does not come to the landing page. To bring visitors to it, we have to run advertising campaigns and share it on social media. A landing page is created only to run ad campaigns.

It is a single webpage that is often created in Digital Marketing for Lead Generation, Sales Conversion, increasing sales of products or services, generating traffic, increasing conversion rate, etc. Companies create landing pages to fulfill their business marketing objectives.

Landing pages are very powerful in digital marketing because they are created keeping the marketing objective in mind and there is no distraction in them. You can get Landing Page visitors to do what you want from the customer.

Landing pages are often used for paid ads and email marketing. Under this, as soon as a user clicks on the link given in the Ad or Email, he lands directly on the landing page of the product or service promoted by you.

The focus of landing pages is a single product or service. If you provide information about more than one product or service on the landing page, the visitor may get confused. This can cause loss to you because in such a situation the visitor can leave your page without taking any action. Therefore, whenever you create a landing page, always focus on only one product.

We can divide Landing Pages into two categories. Lead Generation Landing Page and Click Through Landing Page.

Forms are often added to Lead Generation Landing Pages. With the help of which details of interested visitors like Name, Email, Mobile Number, etc. are taken.

To get customer information, you have to entice them. For which you will have to provide them things like Free Webinar, Free Courses, eBook Newsletters, etc.

When you get the details. After that, with the help of emails and messages, you try to eliminate all the doubts in their minds related to your product and service.

Whereas the Click Through Landing Page is used to send Leads to the Sales Page. Sales pages often display the price of a product or service and use calls to action such as “Buy Now”, or “Get it Today”.

Types of Landing Pages

There are mainly 13 types of Landing Pages. Whose objectives are different, so let us know about them.

  • 1. Squeeze Landing Page
  • 2. Splash Landing Page
  • 3. Lead Capture Landing Page
  • 4. Video Landing Page
  • 5. Click Through the Landing Page
  • 6. Sales Landing Page
  • 7. Advertorial Landing Page
  • 8. Lead Magnet Landing Page
  • 9. Prelaunch Landing Page
  • 10. Thank You Pages
  • 11. Unsubscribe Landing Page
  • 12. Referral Landing Page
  • 13. 404 Landing Page

#1 – Squeeze Landing Page – Forms are used in this type of landing page. With the help of which customer information is obtained. The main objective of the Squeeze Landing Page is to generate leads.

#2 – Splash Landing Page – This type of landing page is similar to Squeeze landing pages but their purpose is different. In this, the customer is given more information about his product or service and apart from this, the announcement of a new product or service is done with the help of these pages.

#3 – Lead Capture Landing Page – The purpose of these pages is also to generate leads, but with the help of this page we get more information from the customer like Name, Email, Phone Number, Age, Income, Education, etc. With the help of this landing page, high-quality leads are generated.

#4 – Video Landing Page – The purpose of this type of landing page is to provide more information to the customer about your product or service with the help of video. This page contains a video in which no Play/Pause button is given and an Action Button is given in the middle of the video to get the visitors to take immediate action.

#5 – Click Through Landing Page – In this type of landing page, the benefits of the product or service are told and apart from this, some such calls to action are used in the page. On clicking the visitor reaches your Sales Page.

#6 – Sales Landing Page – This type of landing page is used to convert your website visitors into customers. Suppose you have a website on which you provide SEO information. You have created a paid course to learn SEO at an advanced level. If you want to sell to your visitors, then you will have to create this type of page. Which always comes in the middle of the page or after a few seconds of visiting the website.

#7 – Advertisement Landing Page – This type of landing page is used to increase awareness of the brand or service. In these, no type of lead generation or selling is done from these pages. These types of pages provide value to readers and provide the information they want to know.

#8 – Lead Magnet Landing Page – To generate leads in such landing pages, some offers are given to the visitors like – Free eBook, Free Webinar, Coupon, etc. So that they can sign up with the help of their email. After which, with the help of Funnels, they can sell their product or service.

#9 – Prelaunch Landing Page – This type of landing page is used as a Push Notification in most of the blogs/websites. With the help of this, they get signed up immediately. Who gets their details, which is later used for marketing.

#10 – Thank You Page – When a visitor signs up on your landing page or buys a product, this type of page is created to thank him and further steps are also told in the pages.

#11 – Unsubscribe Landing Page – This type of landing page is mostly used in Email Marketing. In this, you can ask visitors the reason for unsubscribing from the email.

#12 – Referral Landing Page – This type of landing is mostly made for Affiliate Marketers. Companies tell them the benefits of their products and the Affiliate Marketer explains why they should promote their product or service.

#13 – 404 Landing Page – You must be well aware of this page. This page is also called an emergency page because when any page of your website has a problem, the page is redirected to 404.

Why is Landing Page important in Digital Marketing?

After reading the article here, you will understand What is Landing Page? And you must have understood well about the types of Landing Page, now we will tell you why Landing Page is important in Digital Marketing? So let’s know about it.

You must have heard this saying “To make a business big, one has to work hard.”

The same saying also applies to those businesses that want to grow their business with the help of a website, that is, they want to grow their business digitally.

Businesses that do not have separate landing pages to sell products or services have so many distractions on their website that a new visitor leaves the website and goes to another website even before deciding to buy a product or service. Is.

Therefore, you need to remove distractions from your website and create a super-focused landing page for the product or service on which you want to bring sales so that you can convert them into paying customers.

By reading the following points, you can easily understand why Landing Page is important in Digital Marketing?

  • With the help of a Landing Page, you can understand the behavior of your target audience.
  • By using landing pages you can increase customer conversion rate.
  • The landing page increases the email subscriber list. Which you can use in email marketing.
  • The landing page increases the credibility of the business.

By reading these points you must have easily understood why landing page is important in digital marketing? Let us then try to know how to create a landing page?

How to create a Landing Page?

In today’s time, you will find many free and paid tools with the help of which you can easily create a great landing page. In this article, we will tell you about how to create a landing page with a free tool. So let’s know about it.

#1 – Select Free Platform

To create a free landing page, first, you have to select a free platform. On which you can create a landing page. For this, you can use any WordPress, Google Site, Wix, Ucraft, Canva, Elementor, etc.

#2 – Understand your target audience

Before creating a landing page, you have to understand the interest, passion, problem, etc. of your target audience. This is very important to create an effective or convertible landing page. Only then will you be able to take full advantage of that landing page?

#3 – Select the right Color Theme & Fonts

While creating a landing page, use the correct color theme and fonts on the page. Pages that do not use the correct colors and fonts get very few clicks on CTAs. Because words are not visible in the wrong color. Due to this visitors leave the website before taking any action.

#4 – Create Catchy and Attractive Headline

You can start the landing page with an attractive headline or catchy introduction. This increases visitor engagement on your landing page. You have to write something in Headline or Intro so that the visitor gets ready to read further.

Writing an attractive headline or catchy introduction increases the chances of engagement and more than 90% of visitors click on your call to action button.

#5 – Explain the benefits of the product instead of its features in the content.

You do not have to tell about the features of the product on your landing page, because it is not a blog or website, it is just a single webpage. In which you get limited space and you do not have to waste it in unnecessary niches. Because of this you always have to tell about the benefits of the product on the landing page.

#6 – Add Social Proof and Powerful CTAs

To grow any business, it is very important to win the trust of your customers. Therefore you have to add Social Proof to your Landing Page. In Social Proof you can use Customer Reviews, Case Studies, Testimonials, Awards etc.

Apart from this, you can add Powerful CTA in the beginning, middle, and end sections of the page. This helps visitors know what to do after reaching the page.

#7 – Also use powerful visuals

Nowadays, people are preferring visual content more than textual content. With the help of visual content, it becomes easier to understand them. Therefore, you must use powerful visual content in your landing page. You can use Images, Videos, Animations, etc. in visual content.

#8 – Reduce the use of navigation

Landing pages are designed to fulfill a single goal. Due to this at least Links and a Navigation menu should be used in it. If you do not use the Navigation Menu at all, it will be very good. If your landing page has too much navigation or links, it confuses visitors. Due to this, there will be very few CTA clicks on your landing page.

#9 – Make Fast Loading Speed ​​and Mobile Friendly

In today’s time, no one likes slow loading speed and if your landing page has this problem, then you can bear the brunt of it because when this happens, visitors will leave the page even before it opens. So to avoid this problem, you have to keep the loading speed of your landing page fast.

Apart from this, you also have to make your page mobile friendly, because, in today’s time, more users use mobile to get their information. And about 86% of top landing pages are mobile-friendly. Therefore, to get good results from the page, you will also have to make your landing page mobile-friendly.

How to bring traffic to a landing page?

After reading here you must have understood what a is Landing Page? And how to create a landing page? Now we will tell you further how to bring traffic to the landing page? So let’s know about them

After creating a landing page, it is very important to bring traffic to it because without traffic you cannot fulfill the purpose of your landing page. There are two important types of landing pages to drive traffic to. First Organic, second Paid. So let us know about them in detail.

Organic Method

When you bring free traffic to anything like a blog, website, landing page, etc., it is called Organic Traffic. To bring organic traffic, you have to work continuously for at least 3 to 6 months. You can use the following methods to bring organic traffic to your landing page.

#1 – Facebook Page – By creating your business page on Facebook and posting content on it regularly, you can bring organic traffic to your landing page.

#2 – Facebook Group – With the help of Facebook Group, you can easily bring traffic to your landing page. In this, you just have to join many Facebook groups related to your business. After that, you can answer people’s questions there and paste the link to your landing page.

#3 – Instagram – By using Instagram you can drive traffic to your landing page. Just for this, you have to create a business page on Instagram. After this, you have to share at least 2 posts daily and then your followers will increase. Then add the link to your landing page in your Insta Bio. After this, whenever the user goes to see your bio, he will reach your landing page with the help of the link.

#4 – WhatsApp Channel – Meta has recently added a new feature called WhatsApp Channel in WhatsApp. With the help of this, you can easily connect with millions of people by adding your content. And when you get a lot of followers on your WhatsApp Channel. Then you can add the link to your landing page here and bring traffic to it.

#5 – Quora – In today’s time, Quora is a very good platform to bring free traffic to the landing page. For this, join Quora Spice related to your business. Along with answering people’s questions, you can also add the link to your landing page. Where traffic will come to your landing.

The traffic which costs money to bring is called paid traffic. You can bring traffic to your landing page with the help of platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. Money is spent in bringing paid traffic, due to which you get to see immediate results. Most people use the paid method to bring traffic to a landing page.

You can use the following methods to bring paid traffic to the landing page.

#1- Paid Search Ads – You can use Search Engine Ads to bring paid traffic to your landing page because today almost all search engines provide the facility of Paid Ads.

#2 – Social Media Ads – Like Search Engine, you can also bring traffic to your landing page by running paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

#3 – Email Campaign – Email Marketing is a very good marketing technique for bringing traffic to the landing page. Email marketing gives very good conversion rates. You can collect the emails of visitors with the help of Paid Marketing. After that, with the help of an Email Marketing Tool, you can send the link to your landing page by email.

Difference between Landing Page and Website

After reading the article here, you will understand what is Landing Page and how to make a Landing Page? You must have understood it well. Now we will tell you about the difference between a Landing Page and a Website, so let us know about them.

Landing Page Website
Landing Page is a single but very powerful webpage. There are many pages on the website.
The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads and convert them into sales. The purpose of a website is to deliver information to its target audience.
There is no navigation menu bar of any kind on the landing page. Because it distracts the visitors. To make it easier for the visitor to navigate the website, a Navigation Menu bar is used.
Call To Action buttons are added at various places on the landing page. Due to this the conversion rate is good. There are many types of CTAs on a website. On which visitors click as per their wish.
To build a good relationship with the customer, a Thank You page is often added along with the landing page. There are many webpages on the website and different information is provided on all of them.
Most of the paid traffic is brought to the landing. There are many ways to bring traffic to the website.

Difference between Landing Page and Home Page

There are some important differences between the Landing Page and the Home Page, which you can read in the table below.

Landing Page Home Page
This is a single webpage. Home Page is the first page of any website.
In this, information about the product or service is provided. Website information is provided on the home page.
It is created to fulfill some marketing objectives. The home page is created to give an overview of the website.
Different landing pages are created to fulfill different marketing objectives. Any website has only one home page.
It involves bringing paid traffic. This includes Organic Traffic.

Benefits of Landing Page

Landing Page has many benefits but here we will tell you about some important benefits of Landing Page. So let us know about them.

  • A high Conversion Rate is found on the Landing Page because its focus is on only one product or service.
  • With the help of a Landing Page, you can easily achieve your marketing objective.
  • With the help of a Landing Page, you can create an Email List. Which can be used in email marketing.
  • You can do Affiliate Marketing using a Landing Page. Due to this, you can get good results in affiliate marketing.
  • You get a very good ROI on the Landing Pages.
  • You can create a landing page easier than a website.
  • You can also create a landing page for free.
  • You can easily convert your leads into sales by using a Call to Action on the Landing Page.


In today’s article, we told you what is Landing Page and how to create Landing Page? It has been explained in detail and in simple language so that you can easily understand and create your landing page. If you are facing any problems or have any questions, you can ask me by commenting.

I hope you like today’s article What is Landing Page? Must have liked it very much. If so, then you must share this article with your friends on social media.

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