What is Domain Name? Complete Information

what is domain name complete information

Hello friends, welcome to your blog A2Z HindiMe! If you have come to my website searching about “What is Domain Name?” So today I will tell you what is domain and how it works. I am going to give complete information about this. Before creating a blog, most people go to the Internet or Google to get information about the domain name. And let’s try to know what a is Domain Name after all.

Today I am going to give you complete information from A to Z about Domain Name . In this post I am going to tell you how many types of domain names are there? What is subdomain ? How does a domain name work? And so on.

So without wasting much time let’s move straight. On my topic “ What is Domain Name ”.

What Is Domain Name

In this world of Internet, any website or blog has a name to identify and search it. Which is called Domain Name. There are crores of websites in the world . But we can find any website very easily because of its domain name .

Domain name is always unique. The domain name of any two websites is never the same. Like google.com , youtube.com , Blogdune.com , all these are domain names.

Example: If a user types www.blogdune.com , he will directly come to my website and not to any other website.

If you understand it in the simple language then you go to your friend’s house. The address of his house is. What you know. With the help of that address, you can easily reach his house. Similarly, in the Internet world, the address of any website is called a domain name. Through which you can easily reach that website.

Talking about websites, they are linked to some IP address in the background. IP-Address ( Internet Protocol Address ) which tells your browser where this website is available on the Internet.

The IP address of any website is in numbering format. Which is very difficult to remember. Due to this the domain name has been created. Because any common man can remember it well. But whenever a user types a domain name in the browser, it is converted into an IP address by the DNS (Domain Name System) system. Which the computer can read.

Definition of Domain Name in Hindi

Domain name is the address of any website. It is used to uniquely identify it on the Internet. This is an important identity of the website. Using which any user can access the website.

A domain name is unique. The server of any website runs on Internet Protocol (IP). The domain is chosen for the name of the website. Because it is easy to remember and find.

Domain Name History

About 40 years ago, people had to use an IP address to visit a website. Gradually with time the number of websites increased and people started facing difficulty in visiting the website. Because remembering the IP addresses of so many websites was a very difficult task. To solve this problem, in 1983, a scientist named Paul Mockapetris created the Domain Name System.

After the introduction of the domain name system, it became easier for users to access the website. Because now one does not have to remember long IP addressesNow users can simply reach the website using the domain name.

Since the advent of domain names, there has been a revolution in the internet world. Due to this the number of users is increasing day by day. Today, more than 375 million domain names have been purchased all over the world.

Why is Domain Name important for you?

Your domain name is unique in the internet world. Which has a distinct identity. In today’s era, any person, business, or organization should come on the Internet. Having your own domain name, website and email gives you and your organization and business a professional look.

Therefore, you should invest in the domain name. If you have a business then it becomes very important for you to get a domain name. It protects your business’s copyrights and trademarks. The domain name reveals the purpose of the website. For example: Here the domain name with .com indicates a business site. Similarly, .org represents organization, and .edu represents school, and university.

Note: Below is a list of commonly used URLs. Please read this once before buying a domain.

.com- Commercial Internet Sites
.net- Internet Administrative Site
.org- Organization Site
.edu- Education Sites
.firm- Business Site
.gov- Government Site
.in- India
.au- Australia
.us- United States
.uk- United Kingdom

How does a domain name work?

There are so many websites in the Internet world. All of them are hosted or stored on the same server. It is only because of the server that you can view the website live on the internet.

The domain name points to the IP address of this server. Now whenever you search by entering the name of the website in the URL bar of your browser. Similarly, the domain name system converts your domain name into an IP address.

Because the computer cannot understand the domain name. Computers run on IP addresses. After this, the browser understands your address and connects the domain name searched by you to the server. After which that website starts appearing in your browser, and you can access it.

Parts of Domain Name

The domain name is divided into two parts. The dot divides the domain name into two parts. My domain name, Blogdune.com is divided into two parts.

Here the part before the dot can be changed as per a2zindime. But the part after the dot is the extension. Which is already fixed. There are many types of these.

You can buy these as per your need. After reading till now, you all understood what a is Domain Name. Read the post till the end to get more information.

Types of Domain Name in Hindi

Although there are many types of domain names, today I am going to tell you only about those domain names. Which are very important. So that in the future you do not face any problems in choosing a domain name.

There are mainly two types of domain names.

1. TLD ( Top Level Domains )

The full form of TLD is the top-level domainThis type of domain name is also known as Internet Domain Extension. This type of domain name was created for the first time.

With the help of Top Level Domain, you can rank your website faster in GoogleBecause Google’s search engine gives them more importance. Apart from this, it is very SEO-friendly.

Some TDL extensions that anyone can purchase.

.Com (Commercial)
.Org (Organization)
.Net (Network)
.Gov (Government)
.Biz (Business)
.Edu (Education)
.Info (Information)

For example google.coma2zhindime.comfacebook.com, etc.

2. ccTLD ( Country Code Top Level Domains )

This type of domain is used to target a particular country. Such domain names reflect the name of a country. As an example, some important domain extensions are given that you can buy.

.us: (United States)
.in: (India)
.ch: (Switzerland)
.cn: (China)
.ru: (Russia)
.br: (Brazil)

What is a Subdomain Name?

By now you must have known what a is Domain Name. Now I am going to tell you about your Subdomain Name. Subdomain Name is a small part of your Main Domain Name.

No money has to be spent for the subdomain name. Because the Subdomain Name is not purchased. You can buy a TLD (Top Level Domain) and divide it into several Subdomain Names.

Like my blogdune.com is a top-level domain name. And I can divide it into news.blogdune.co , gyan.blogdune.cm . It is absolutely free. No money has to be paid for this.

Difference between Domain Name and URL

Many people think that domain names and URLs are the same. But this does not happen at all. There is a big difference between domain name and URL.

You can search any one website by domain name. But from the URL you can search the specific webpage of any website. Apart from the domain name, the URL also contains other information. Such as protocol, www, address of a particular webpage, folder, etc.

Note: With the help of a domain name, we can find more than one IP address. For example, the domain name google.com refers to hundreds of IPs. Domain name is used in URLs to find a webpage.

Understand with an example-

Domain Name – blogdune.com
URL – Https://Www.blogudne.com/what-is-domain-name/

Where to buy a domain name

There are many websites. Which provides a domain name. But I am going to tell you about some top domain name service providers.

Where you can buy a good domain name at a very low price. Below is a list of some top domain name providers. You can buy your own domain name from here.

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger

Note: Before buying a domain name, you can compare the price of the domain name by visiting all these websites. And buy from wherever you get the cheapest domain.


In this post, I have discussed What is Domain Name. Its types and examples have been explained. I hope that if you have read this post completely, then whatever doubt you have in your mind related to the domain name will have been cleared.

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