What is Alt Text in SEO? Benefits of Alt Text and why is it important?

What is Alt Text in SEO Benefits of Alt Text and why is it important

What is Alt Text: If you are blogging then you must have heard about Alt Text because it is used in Image SEO. To rank an image in Google Images, it has to be SEO.

If you do not know about Alt Text yet and you have not used Alt Text in your blog, then do not worry at all because in today’s article, we are going to talk about Alt Text only.

There are 24 lakh searches on Google every minute. Out of which a total of 22.6% of searches come from Google Images. Therefore, to get the image of your blog post ranked in Google search, it is very important to add Alt Text properly to it.

To know in detail about Alt Text, you must read this article till the end. Because in today’s article, you will learn about Alt Text Why is Alt Text important in SEO? What are the benefits of Alt Text? etc. will know in detail.

So without taking much time, let us go straight to our article and try to know in detail what is Alt Text?

What is Alt Text

Alt Text means Alternative Text. This is the text that, when combined with HTML, tells the search engine what topic the image is about. By adding correct Alt Text in the image, Google ranks the image easily.

Use Alt Text properly in all the images you use in your blog. Due to slow internet, Alt Text appears instead of the image.

What is the Alt Title of the Image?

Just as a blog post has a title, similarly an image also has a title. You must use the Focus Keyword in the title of your image. Due to this the chances of your image getting ranked in Google search increases.

Why is Alt Text important in SEO?

To rank any image in Google Images, it is very important to do Image SEO. Alt Text plays a very important role in Image SEO.

Alt Text tells Google Search about your image and what topic the image used in the post is about. If you do not use Alt Text properly in the image, your image will never rank in the search engines.

If you want more and more organic traffic to come to your blog, then add Alt Text properly to the images used in your post. Because Google reads only Alt Text to rank the image.

How to write good Alt Text?

किसी भी Image का अच्छा Alt Text लिखने के लिए आपको यह सोचना चाहिए आप उस ईमेज के बारे में किसी को बतायेंगे तो क्या और कैसे बतायेंगे। ठीक बैसे ही आपको अपने ब्लॉग की ईमेज के Alt Text में लिखना है।

Alt Text लिखने के लिए आप अधिक से अधिक 125 कैरेक्टर का ही इस्तेमाल करें। इसके अलावा आप कोशिश करें कि आपका Alt Text एक या दो कीवर्ड में पूरा हो जाये। आप ईमेज के Caption में जो भी लिख रहे हैं उसका उपयोग Alt Text में कभी न करें। आप Alt Text में वो लिख सकते हैं जो आप कैप्शन में नही पाये।

नीचे हम आपको एक ईमेज का उदाहरण देकर समझाते हैं कि आप अपने ईमेज में किसी तरह से Alt Text लिखें।

  • Bad Alt Text Example – Dancing Forest Peacock
  • Correct Alt Text Example – Peacock
  • Good Alt Text Example – Dancing Peacock
  • Very good Alt Text example – Dancing Peacock in Forest

Benefits of Alt Text

Alt Text has the following advantages.

  • If you use Alt Text in your images, it improves the On-Page SEO of your blog post.
  • By using Alt Text in images, the image gets ranked easily in Google search.
  • Having Alt Text in the image makes Google crawlers easily crawl the image.
  • When users feel like reading your post after seeing your image, they click on the image and read your blog post. Due to this the traffic of your blog increases.

Google Search Statistics You Should Know About

  • Every minute there are approximately 24 lakh i.e. 2.4 million searches on Google.
  • According to an estimate, there are around 30 to 50 billion index pages on Google.
  • About 3.7 billion i.e. 3700 crore searches come on Google every day.
  • About 16 to 20 percent of new searches come on Google every year.
  • Google Search has approximately 100,000,000 GB of index data.
  • About 60% of Google’s searches come from mobile.
  • About 20% of Google’s searches come from voice searches.
  • 22.6% of Google’s total searches come from image searches.


In this article, we have told you in detail about Alt Text in simple language. So that you can further use Alt Text properly in your image. If you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting. Do our best to answer your question.

I hope you liked this article very much. If so, then you must share this article with your friends on social media. To read all the articles related to SEO, you can read the SEO category of this blog.


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